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This tour provides a step-by-step guide to the Causes of Haze website. The sequence of tour stops is designed to acquaint you with the background, purpose, content, and vision of COHA in a logical, intuitive manner, but each stop by itself represents a self-contained snapshot of an aspect of the COHA web site.
    About the Causes of Haze Assessment web site
Find out about the background and purpose of the COHA project and web site.
    The Regional Haze Rule
Learn about the EPA ruling that provides the foundation for COHA and defines its future goals.
    Introduction to Visibility
Discover more about the technical details of visibility science, and gain insight into how the data provided by COHA is used by scientists and researchers to learn about the causes and characteristics of regional haze.
    Causes of Haze Assessment Scope of Work
Read the detailed scope of work that defines the purpose, strategy, and goals of COHA.
    Our Products
View the wide variety of data and data products offered on the COHA web site.

Analysis Products

bulletAnalysis by state
bulletAnalysis by class I area
bullet Analysis by tribal and IMPROVE protocol sites
bullet Analysis by similar climate
bullet Analysis by similar composition
bullet Analysis by region
bullet Tribal assessment
bullet Fugitive dust analysis

Data Resource Catalogs
bullet Air Quality Resources
bulletMeteorological Resources
bullet Emissions Resources
bullet Spatial Data Resources

    Contact Us
Send us your comments, questions, and ideas related to the COHA project. We welcome your suggestions, and are dedicated to constantly improving our web presence.