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Browser Compatibility and COHA

We realize that our visitors have different preferences and requirements regarding the type of internet browser they use and we intend to provide support for as many different browsers types as feasible. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the issues regarding browser compatibility that you might encounter on COHA.

Known Issues
The following problems and issues related to browser compatibility have been noted by the COHA developers:
bullet Pages with certain graphical tools may not display correctly in older browsers, especially early versions of Netscape. Some of our graphical tools take advantage of relatively new technology, and COHA developers have not had a chance to ensure full compatibility with all early browsers versions.
bullet HTML tables may display in a very visually unappealing way in older browsers, causing a sometimes disjointed and disorganized appearance on some pages.
bullet Background colors and images may not appear correctly. Early browsers had limited support for Cascading Style Sheets and other formatting techniques, so certain pages may not look as appealing depending on their use of visual formatting techniques.
bullet Certain pages may display very slowly, or not at all, in older browsers. Early browser technology was sometimes very limited in how it processed web pages, and very complicated pages may cause noticeable delays. Also, Java scripting techniques are not fully compatible with early browsers, and so may cause problems of varying types, including slow loading and browser "hanging".
Browser Version
Regardless of the brand of browser you choose, we recommend that you always keep up to date with the most currently available (and stable) version. Browser vendors are constantly improving their products to take advantage of the latest web technologies and offer you the most problem-free browsing experience. Most browser updates are free and readily available as well as easy to install, so please take advantage of this convenience and upgrade your browser periodically.
Browser Type
In general, COHA supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera.
Please Help Us
If you have a recent browser version and are still experiencing problems, please let us know. We depend on your feedback and suggestions for making your experience on COHA as useful and enjoyable as possible. Thanks!